Laser test file (for Luban)

Hello everyone,

I recently got an Original 3-in-1 and, before posting here, I’ve spent most of the time trying to find a laser power/speed calibration file I could use with this device.

I did find several g-code files, but they weren’t good for my device (wrong origin, too big, etc.).

I also find, in this forum, several mentions to files and links, but none of them works for the Original, or the links were dead.

The only thing close to what I need (and also found here in the forum) is this: GitHub - nunorvoliveira/Snapmaker-Laser-Test-Grid: Create a customizable laser test grid for your Snapmaker

However, I can’t install .net on this computer, a Mac where, for work reasons, I can’t install things that may screw up with my development environment: .net framework is one of those (I don’t even know if there is a MacOS version, as a matter of fact).

Ideally, I need a file in Snapmaker format (snaplzr) which I can tweak, should not fit in the 120x120 place.

Any help is welcome and thanks in advance!