Laser safety question

ok, so where I have my snapmaker I can sit more than 8 feet away is it safe to not have the goggles on at that distance if I don’t look toward the printer?

Generally, no. In some very special circumstances, yes. If you want to get into the math behind ocular hazard distances it depends on the beam divergence, the material diffusing the laser, the distance away, and the time you look at it.

If you aren’t staring at a spot for longer than a few seconds, and you are using a diffusive material, like wood, then you probably are fine.

If you see an afterimage that lasts longer than 10s when you look away the laser is too bright for your viewing location


Ok, thank u for the answer I am going to wear them anyway. :slight_smile:

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I’m assuming by the way you asked that that you don’t have any kind of enclosure.
You really should have something, even if it’s just a cardboard box. (Be careful of fire danger with this method.)
There’s also the question of what you’re using the laser on and possible fumes and the need for ventilation.