Laser printing "off" material

First post! I’ve had my Snapmaker 2 A350 for about a month, and am just now experimenting with the laser engraving feature. However, whenever I try the gift box test print, the laser moves to the upper right corner of the bed (well past the edge of the piece of wood it’s supposed to be engraving) and starts shooting the laser at the metal bed, as if it’s trying to print the object in a completely different location.

I’ve tried the photo alignment method to no avail – what am I doing wrong??

Hi, I am have the same problem here. No matter how many times I run the photo capture, the laser seems to start from the upper right, no where near the material. I’ve even tried setting the work origin to the approximate center of the material and when I hit start it travels right back to its favorite top right corner. The calibration performed correctly, just not the actual laser job.

Before the laser engraver starts to work, users need to set the work origin, which determines where the start point is.

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