Laser power setting in new Luban?

havent been using the laser module for some time, but now in the newest software, where can i find the power setting for the laser?
Or is this only working in Wlan?
At the moment i use the Usb stick for data transfer…


Not sure what you mean.
Laser hasn’t really changed in Luban.
it’s under ‘working parameters’ in the process tab. Maybe the ‘hide’ icon that looks like two ^ stacked got pressed?
(Unless all settings have disappeared which sometimes happens.)

the old tool bar was looking much different…
Where can i find the working parameters?
After loading the g-code into the working space, i get a table with xyz parameters,
but no speed or laser power settings…

If you’re loading g-code into workspace and sending over wifi or using usb and running from SM controller then changing power in Luban workspace doesn’t do anything. But you can change power on the controller.

If you’re running from Luban it’s in the left side window if you scroll down.