Laser marking denim

Did some experimenting with denim squares tonight with the following settings:

1.6W laser
65% power
2500 mm/min cut speed
3500 mm/min jog speed
60 mm x 60 mm cut area
Elapsed time - 12 min 20 sec

This could be something fun for people who make denim quilts out of repurposed blue jeans

I tried with two different shades. It worked best on darker blue jeans with the settings posted above. You could probably make it work on lighter denim by bumping the power up. I’ll have to do more experimenting


That’s really good! I read the printer could engrave fabric, but confess I didn’t expect Denim to be suitable.
I know you can laser engrave polyester with some machines as well, though you should do some research before attempting this.

It would be interesting to know if it can engrave other materials, such as rubber or cork.

Yeah there are a lot of materials I’d like to try but I need to build my enclosure first. Especially before I start experimenting with rubber and plastic.

I hear you - all three modules create their own odours, depending on their use, so an enclosure is necessary.

Never put rubber under a laser cutter, unless you take burning rubber literally. Cork is very suitable for engraving only. We did a few christmas ornaments in cork recently.

How does this affect the strength of the material?

Agreed. If you’re going to experiment with rubber don’t leave your machine unattended. Shouldn’t be letting a laser run unattended anyways

I had good luck marking my Otterbox iPhone case though.