Laser M3 S argument

Hi Guys
I would have a small question regarding the snapmaker M3 command. As I have seen in the snapmaker custom M3_M4 gcode parser, they are using “P” argument to define the spindle speed or laser power. But I have checked the generated luban gcode and there the actual command is looking like this: “M3 P35 S89” in case of 35% laser power. What is the use case of the S part? Is just a legacy or compatibility stuff? Thanks

It’s redundant and unneeded, and ignored by the firmware.

thanks for the feedback. That was my assumption also.
Beside of this, based on the code I have seen snapmaker uses a lookup table for the PWM, and the table starts from 20. So 1% power == PWM 20. But If you generate the gcode: “M3 P1 S2”
So “S” will be 2, not 20 that was a bit contradicting to me :slight_smile: