Laser hitting the bed

I received my Snapmaker a few days ago. I started with the laser module. I was able to do the test pease and laser a photo on a piece of wood. I wanted to try some more. Then soemthing went wrong. In the proces of trying to laser the same photo on another piece of wood, Luban/snapmaker froze a few time when taking pictures for the background. Then there where some issues with not been able to start, but this is probably my own fault. Afterwards the laser crashed into the bed, just at a corner. So the bed was pushed down on one side. I started looking if anything was broken and wanted to laser something to test if everything is correct, and it happened again. At first sight there is nothing damaged, but I’m worried there might be something bend, out of line or damaged. Is there a way to test if anything is damaged, or if something is wrong. It could be that the bed is bend but at first sight I don’t notice any deformation. I want to make sure that it is still okay. If you have any tips, or method’s to check this and to avoid this from happening again, that would be very helpful. The last time I shut the machine down and moved the laserhead upwards manually.

I am sorry that you have not received a satisfactory answer as yet. I don’t know the answer. How about trying to reboot everything? Delete your current Luban software, then load the most recent version of it. It would seem that the problem lies in the software rather than in the hardware. Remember to always make sure that the module is in the home position before beginning a project. Check it visually.

Did you check your start point? Maybe it’s on the wrong position.
I’m not sure how to reset the start point but I guess you could look it up.