Laser Errors and issues

Hey all, I am just trying to get started and having a few issues.

First, I keep getting an error that says " Outdated module (Laser Module) firmware detected."
I have checked and I am running the latest firmware version. Is there something I am missing? The only option I see on the download page is for the firmware, is there something else I need?

Second, while in the luban software, while connected to the machine, I am getting disconnected about every 20-30 seconds. My connection is strong and I have no other devices on my network that are having issues.

Lastly, I keep getting an error while in the software (not doing a project) that says “timeout of 3000ms exceeded” any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any assistance, I have been trying to work through this for 2 days with no luck.

The modules need to be updated individually for the current firmware release. Load the file onto a USB stick and insert it into the machine before switching on for each module.

So what file exactly? Just the firmware? Sorry but just need some clarification, and thanks for the reply!

Sorry, yes the firmware file from here Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates and Downloads - #14 by Alan

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