Help to configurate laser to engrave a photo

Hello makers!!!
I need help to engrave a photo on blank wood.
This is the photo i need to engrave. When i open the photo on SnapmakerLuban and put on greyscale, this is what happened

When i pass to “process” the image turns more clean, but it looks a little dark. I try to adjust the brightness and contrast but i can’t see much diference.
What can i do? And what configurations should i use on the laser to don’t burn the wood? How much power and how much speed?

Thanks to all.

If you adjust the brightness and contrast settings you image should look darker or brighter after you process it. Try zoom in on the processed picture and you will see the difference.

Usually you can set the 200mW laser that comes with the machine to run at full power, you will get the ideal power setting after you play with it a bit.

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This caught me out at first, I thought my picture was extremely dark too but I was misunderstanding the representation because the amount of dots were merging together at a lower zoom to make it look almost black. Zooming in revealed the detail and helped me understand what was going on! :slight_smile:

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