Laser engraving power guide


Hi, it would be great if someone could post a guide to show what laser power should be used for different materials, i.e. Leather, Soft Wood etc.




I have only tried various plywoods, and some paper. If I sandpaper the plywood well, I can do grayscales as low as 35%. If I want a dark black engraving for black/white images, I turn the power up into the 40’s. Construction paper for black and white images I have been able to do in upper 20’s and low 30’s. I haven’t tried leather yet but am curious about it and faux leather sheets. I have some acrylic that I am looking forward to doing and would appreciate someone posting about the power levels they used.


I did a leather archery armguard. I think I used 100% power at a speed of 600 or 800. Can’t remember the exact speed settings I used, but it was between 600 and 800. It stinks when you engrave it, but that’s a given.