Laser dwell time and work time

Hi guys, is someone having any experience with dwell, work speed and power relation?

I am not fully familiar with the dwell time and work speed. But I imagine that the dwell defines the “lasering time / dot”, but what the work speed defines in that case? Just the simple head movement? But what the jog speed defines then?

There is the “Definitive Guide to Laser Engraving” from snapmaker, where I am seeing in some setups the workspeed is not defined, so is my assumption right? If define dwell time there is no influence of the workspeed on the output.

Thank you in advance!


Have a look at this:

Defined as the time a beam of focused laser light is applied to the substrate. Different materials require different energy densities to produce a code. The longer the dwell time required to produce a code the slower the maximum coding speed.


Thanks Edwin. But as I have experience in case of grayscale/dot mode. I did not see any difference between the 1000mm/min and 2500mm/min workspeeds with the same dwell time.
At that setup the dwell defines the quality only.

My understanding is that in dot mode, the work speed defines the speed the machine moves between subsequent dots, and the jog speed would be for other travel moves. It is more important in line mode where dwell time doesn’t exist and the work speed would determine how long the laser is over a particular section of material.

I will check this assumption later through generating gcode through luban and will let you know my results.

This type of calibration test in Snapmaker project format is a great idea…unfortunately, these project files don’t work in the latest version of Luban (4.2.3) - the toolpath list is empty.