Snapmaker 2.0 - Cutting Delrin/Acetal Sheet


I am looking to cut acetal/Delrin sheets with a thickness of 1/16”. I have both the 1600mW and 10W lasers.

What laser cutter settings could I use for these sheets?

What color?
The SM laser won’t work on clear and certain colors. It’s the wrong wavelength. The material won’t absorb the energy. You need a CO2 laser for that.


It is white Delrin. Would the SM work?

It will probably cut, but I’d be more concerned about the fumes. Better read the MSDS carefully. CNC would do a very nice job.

Got it. Thank you for the tips.

Here’s a way to test materials you plan to laser for chlorine, the Beilstein-Test. If they contain chlorine, do not laser them!

Chlorine is just one. There are many other toxic fumes than just chlorine to worry about when you’re going to laser materials.

It’s always easy enough to just google “(name of material) laser safe” and you’ll get the answers you need.

Delrin happens to be one of the one’s that’s supposed to be safe:

Safe doesn’t mean that it won’t put out pungent or irritating fumes. Delrin in particular gives off formaldehyde. But so does burning paper or wood. So no matter what I’m using the laser on I wouldn’t use it without sufficient ventilation.

Back to the original question. It’s doubtful that your’e going to be able to cut white delrin. The material needs to absorb the energy for it to burn and therefore cut. No chance with the 1600, probably not with the 10w. But worth a try if you already have the delrin. Start with a small test square (~10mm) and see if 50mm/m @100% works. If it does you can try speeding it up. If it doesn’t it’s probably never going to work.

For etching using black sharpie or dry erase marker can work to absorb and transfer the energy. You can see if it works for cutting.

Other options:
Do a search for 'drag knife" and try that.
Use cnc
Buy a co2 laser


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Thanks for all the suggestions.

@sdj544, I’ll definitely look into the drag knife. I didn’t even know it existed.