Laser cutting birch plywood

I’m getting ready to cut some 1/8" birch plywood with the 10W laser on my Artisan but there isn’t a preset for it in Luban. Will the basswood preset work? If not, what work speed works best? I assume I should set the power to 100%?

Plywood is tricky. The layers of glue cause inconsistent results. You’ll need to experiment with you particular wood. I’ve found it to generally need either more power or slower speeds than the basswood setting.

Make sure to put aluminum foil or something under the wood. Otherwise the vaporized glue will make a complete mess of your bed.

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I had to try it at a few different speeds. 300mm/min was too fast and so was 280, although it was close to cutting cleanly. 240 works really well, with the parts literally falling out of the stock, so I may try for 260 next time.

You were right about the bed getting messy from the glue. I’ll see if IPA will clean it and try the aluminum foil idea.

Hello, I’m currently facing the same question, any tips?