Laser cut two sides


I am struggling a bit cutting 3mm plywood… I can barely see black line showing up on the opposite face.
I was wondring if it is possible to flip the board over and cut again.
Obviously, I need to create a mirror image and make sure the board is well aligned (maybe with pegs).

Did someone tried this before?


It would be difficult to do this as it requires you to flip the material and align it in near perfectly the same orientation, after which you just need to set the correct origin. It is doable however as I have seen someone post on the FB group a successful two sided CNC project using soapstone I believe!

It would be easier if Snapmaker would remember the work origin between laser jobs. Sadly, it does not.

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Annoying for sure, but It does display on the touchscreen the x y z of your set origin so perhaps this could be noted down and re-applied?

It is annoying it doesn’t keep it set.
I just take a picture of the screen.

Thanks for pointing out the info on the screen. This will be a big help in the future. I’ve had the “almost through” problem with 3mm plywood several times. Being able to flip it over and do a finishing pass would save a lot of time and material.

Yo no he podido cortar plywood de 3 mm, alguien sabe como hacerlo, gracias

Note the machine coordinates always, and when you don’t choose auto focus, but just add focal height and material thickness, set that as your z-work origin in manual mode,you have the perk of having work origin carried over to other jobs. Only auto focus resets origin. Focal height (z) can be found on the control screen in luban, left panel.