Laser, circles not round but cornered


why is Luban processing circles not round but cornered? Can you please change that?
Here are two pictures, before processing and after.

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@Edwin @Tracy can we get some answer for this please? It is currently really affecting what I can laser cut using Luban when arcs, circles and curved lines of any kind (splines etc.) are all processed by luban into a small number of straight lines…

I raised this issue directly with @Tracy over snapmaker support email back in the middle of July and was told it was a know luban bug that would be sorted in the next luban version. We have since had many Luban releases but the problem is still there!

Interestingly enough- this happens to me when using a plugin to exporting from fusion 360 as a SVG (export to origin) and then using that with Luban. Importing SVGs from a different source in to Luban doesn’t seem to cause the issue.

it happens for me when using F360 to export .dxf and importing that into Luban. Ive given up on using luban for laser work and gone with lightburn instead now