Laser Calibration

Hello Community,

has anybody been able to calculate or find the perfect focus/laser hight ?
Or is there no perfect setting ?


Everyone’s is slightly different.
There should be an optimal setting.
That’s what the auto calibration is supposed to determine.
If you’re doing it manually you’re trying to have the smallest dot possible.
I’ve found for engraving it’s pretty forgiving though.

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How come every time i recalibrate a different value comes up ?

I’m experiencing the same thing - every recalibration generates a new value…

One thing I’ve learnt is that there’s an optimal height from the laser to the material.

So regardless of the focus height value, every time I manually adjust the z-offset to achieve the optimal height and so far it’s working okay, but a pain to remember doing it everytime…

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may i ask around what z axis hight is working best for you ?

For me, a z-height around 23 works best.

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i have been finding 24.8 quite satisfying and turning the lens-cap down a little. (less than 1mm)

i have tried to manually find the smallest spot which burns through paper 160g/m2. I had to use 50% power cause no lower would do anything.
It seems to be 25.4mm

Hi, having problems with laser cutting and trying to debug the problem.
What do you mean with ‘turning the lens cap down’? To unscrew a bit the laser black cylinder? What is this for?

On SM2 there’s a lens hood.
It does absolutely nothing except shield your eyes from the laser. You can screw it down to shield more. You can remove it if you want and especially if you need the extra room for multiple height passes. Or if your workpiece isn’t all the same height. Or if you’re using taller clamps or fixtures. Some people just leave it off but I prefer the extra protection it gives.



Thanks @sdj544. I know and today I am planning to test it without the hood.
However, my question was directed to @phil sentence about “turning the lens cap down a little”.

My answer was directed at that sentence and your question. It’s a hood, not a cap. And turning it does absolutely nothing.


I see, thanks! I read too fast

Hi Jabian,
I have taken it off.
As sdj544 says it does absolutely nothing except allow you to have more stepdown space.

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Auto-Calibration hasn’t been successful for me. It tells me failed and then asks me to pick the best line, but the few lines that are there aren’t marked. Not sure how to achieve the manual calibration. From this thread it sounds like you just go in turn on laser and adjust z offset?

Hi @ConnDad836 ,

there are discussions and videos about it… check on the touchscreen the laser power & in luban there are some things to be tweaked… i haven’t updated or anything since initial setup… software is probably quite different by now…
do you use an enclosure ?

Found my Snapmaker 2’s magic number is 23.9. Took a lot of testing as I could not get Auto calibrate to work after latest update(V 1.12.0)

Hi @seandutoit,
is that with the hood on or off ?

I haven’t recalibrated yet but before the updates I found mine to be 25.1. with out the hood.

I kept the hood on during my latest tests

good to know ! thank you !