Just drill a hole

Hello community.
I just want to drill a few holes. The diameter of the drill bit should simply correspond to the diameter of the drill hole.

Example: 3mm drill → 3mm drill hole → 3mm deep

I would like to use Luban for this. Up to now, I have drilled my holes as required (3mm hole -< 1.5mm cutter -< 3mm circle fill) etc.

Couldn’t it be easier? Just drill vertically into the material and out again.
Do any of you know a simple solution that I don’t see?

Many thanks in advance

SM2 A350 Standard CNC

I’ve done that quite often depending on material (usually just for clear acrylic). I’ll make an SVG with multiple points for where I need the holes drilled. But generally I’ll just use the 10W laser for such operations.

@snapUser Thank you for your tip. But… hmn. Yes, that’s how I usually do it. Very often also with my beloved 10w laser sword.

Maybe I’ll ask my question a little differently.
Is it possible to drill a 6mm hole with a 6mm drill or milling cutter? Let’s say 15mm deep through a wooden board.

Luban accepts the 6mm but does not drill the hole. On the other hand, 6.1mm is drilled. The hole diameter is correspondingly larger. (By the way - I have tried it with different diameters)

It seems to me that my Snapmaker (Luban) can only drill in “circles” but not simply vertically into the material. Like on a drill press, for example.

Is my assumption correct?
Thank you for any answer

Yes, you just need to make an imperceptibly small circle (or line), like 0.001mm. Doubt you can do this with the rudimentary drawing tools in Luban. Hence I use Illustrator. But I don’t think you can do a straight “plunge” on a single point, I think it has to be a path.

Don’t really want to recommend this, but I have done this manually a few times (set workspace coordinates, turn on the CNC, and lower the Z-axis using the HMI). Does not scale properly of course.

@snapUser @Mayco Thank you very much for your input.