Join our Early Adopter Program for Snapmaker Ray

Update: 2023-09-21
Thank you all for actively participating in the application. We are excited to announce that we have selected Linh Tran, Christian Dinkelborg, and @CandleFX as the participants. Congratulations!

Selection principles:

  • Prefer: Active member in the community

Hello Snapmaker Ray enthusiasts!

Let me introduce our Early Adopter Program for the Snapmaker Ray 20W & 40W Laser Engraver and Cutter. This program is exclusively for those who have pre-ordered the Ray (including the Ray machine package or Ray machine body with 20W/40W laser module). We want to provide you with an opportunity to fully experience the capabilities of the Ray machine before anyone else.

As an early adopter, you will have the chance to actively engage with the Snapmaker team, providing valuable feedback and collaborating with us to improve the user experience. Your insights will play a crucial role in identifying any potential issues and optimizing the functionality of the Ray machine and Luban. We highly value your feedback and strive to ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations.

To apply for the program, simply make a post below this topic. Please note that the early adopter’s Ray machine is exactly the same as other Ray machines for the first batch delivery.

To facilitate your involvement, we will expedite the shipping process for your order by changing it from sea shipping to air shipping. We will cover the cost of this shipping upgrade. This means you will receive your Ray machine 2-3 weeks earlier than other users in the first batch. During this time, we encourage you to thoroughly use the machine and provide us with your valuable feedback. Any issues or suggestions you raise will be promptly addressed, ensuring a better experience for the entire community.

Moreover, as one of the pioneering users of the Snapmaker Ray, you will have the exciting opportunity to showcase your creative projects and share your experiences with the community. Your contributions will help others understand the real-world applications and benefits of the Ray.

When applying, please provide the following information to help us better understand your background and select suitable participants for the program:

  1. Your country and city of residence.

  2. Your level of laser engraving and cutting skills, as well as the number of years of experience.

  3. Photos of any laser projects you have completed in the past.

  4. How frequently you plan to use the Ray laser cutter.

  5. Your experience with using Luban and Lightburn software, including whether you have a Lightburn license.

  6. Your availability to fully dedicate yourself to the testing and feedback process in October.

  7. Your professional background and skill set.

  8. Any other information you would like to share with us.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to be part of this program. Your active participation will help shape the future of the Snapmaker Ray and benefit the entire community.

Thank you!

Jade & Snapmaker Team


@CandleFX @nsclemmer @gpt1plon @dstarke @AlexanderBingham @Maksior792 @xchrisd
Guess you might be interested in this Ray program. :grinning:


Thanks @Mandy for the ping! And @Jade / Snapmaker for the opportunity.

Yes, my wife and I would be very interested in joining the EAP! Below are details. I’ll edit and add photos this weekend.

  1. New Zealand, Tauranga (GMT+12)
  2. Moderate experience, as core business is 3D Printing, but we are shifting into a number of laser products. 3 years casual experience, with last 6 months intensive
  3. Coming this weekend
  4. Most evening, and extensively during weekends
  5. Luban: Confident to a high level | Lightburn: Basic experience via friends. Looking at potentially purchasing a license - but I believe most can be achieved via Luban, even if sometimes that may require being a little more creative.
  6. Most Evenings and Weekends available for this
  7. Varied. Graphics Designer, Visual Effects artist in film and tv, many other crew roles in film and tv, alpha and beta tester for numerous software and applications dating back to alpha testing Gmail. Tutor teaching film, tv, editing, photoshop, photography. Owner Operator of CandleFX Custom gifts (3D printing, CNC Machining, and Laser Engraving/Cutting - Guess what I use for all that :wink: )
  8. We are in the process of ramping up our laser engraved/cut products, with the intent to allow my wife and myself to work full-time in the future producing these. So we are actively looking and designing products from scratch. Experimenting with what works, and trying to be creative by creating gifts that are unique - that you can not just find anyone else online.

Thanks for the opportunity and consideration.


Thanks for tagging, unfortunately i am not able to have enough spare time for useful testing.

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