J1 Luban - Ghost Cylinder

Running Luban beta 4.5 and have not had a lot of success (none at all actually). I have been able to print from Cura.

In Luban, even when I start a new file, there appears to be a cylinder that i cannot delete that is always in the work space (see image). I cannot right click on it to delete or cut from the project. I can move it, however it magically moves back to where it wants to be. And it does print, at least a few layers print.

What ever this annoying cylinder is, it appears when I open a file downloaded directly from a web site like Thingiverse, or an empty new project from Luban.

Oddly enough, it also appeared when slicing in Cura, except it only printed one layer.

Any ideas of how to get this to go away or is anyone else experiencing this?

I launched the “Beginners Guide” from the help menu which inherently will prompt to open a new file, and there is my Ghost part hiding in the back.

Looks like prime tower was on by default in both Cura and Luban, this caused issues when trying to print in mirror mode. Since there should be inactivity between the extruders in mirror mode, I shut it off and ran a quick print. Resolved…goodbye Ghost part

I may not be new to 3D printing, but am definitely a newbee when it comes to dual extruders.

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Hi, I’m new in 3d printer world, I have de same problem with the Ghost Cylinder. Anyone can explain me how I can inactive the mirror mode?