Is there a way to order this without CNC and without Lazer?

Please help.

Is there a way to order this without CNC and without Lazer?

I have no need for CNC and no need for Lazer so can one get a “custom build” here?

Please advise.


I suppose not (yet?). Anyhow, this sounds you´re only looking for 3D printing - honestly, if that´s the case, I´d recommend to go for a dedicated 3D printer. Don´t get me wrong, Snapmaker 2 is a cool and great machine and I would buy it again, but it´s main added value is the 3-in-1. As a 3D printer, it does not range among the best, its just OK…

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I would recommend the tronxy xy2 pro or creality cr10 as good 3d printers for much cheaper. Or the prusa mk3s if you want a really good machine. The SM2 is not the best 3d printer, it’s claim to fame is the fact it’s a 3 in 1


Yeah, as the previous posters said, it’s called a Creality or Prusa.

I never use the CNC and barely the Laser on my 3 Snapmaker machines (2 Original, 1 A250).

I also have an Ultimaker 3 but the print quality (much better repeatability) of the Snapmaker machines are so much better so I’m currently selling my most expensive machine…
It is the spindle drive why I ordered the Snapmaker Original the first place.
Of course they are not the fasteest and not the most quiet machines but sice I’m only working with PET-G 50 mm/s as max. speed is enough for me (SM can go a little faster).

They are not the cheapest but you’ll get pretty good quality with the 2.0 machines!

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The SM2 (A350 as that is the only unit I tested) does give good quality prints after tuning. However I would still STRINGLY recommend a dedicated 3d printer if that is the only function you intend on using. As even my ender 3 (with proper modifications) can and has printed perfect PETG prints at 100mm/s (normal speed, first few layers were slower) as well as PP, C.F., and nylon. It also costs costs 1/5 that of my snapmaker2. And with a good rail system (for example the hypercube) you can achieve just as good repeatability, and with the money saved you could invest in .9 degree steppers that would provide even greater accuracy.

Don’t get me wrong the SM2 is a good 3 in 1 machine for the 1000 USD I paid for it. But in my opinion it is not the best 3d printer on the market at that price point. And I think most 3d printing enthusiasts (even all3dp magazine) would agree with that statement.

I’m curious what @doug and @Tone would recommend. As they are strong SM supporters and paragons of this comunity. Would either of you care to comment?


I am with you.
3in1 is the one point, just printing the other.

I get good 3d prints at absolutely max. 80mm/s, but I think others do it better. (never tried a other printer)

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HI Atom

I agree with you. It is like they say horses for courses; you would not do well entering a Volkswagen Beetle in a F1 race.

There will always be better machines that have single purpose.

I think the Snapmaker is a great hobbyist machine that allows you access to 3 functions.

As such it is also a great training platform and introduction to those 3 functions

For newbies it is a perfect learning environment and as experience grow specialist single purpose machines can be acquired.

Keep in mind many users do not want to tinker/modify devices; just use them.

For my needs Snapmakers 1 & 2 were perfect and appropriately priced.

Keep having fun



I only have experience with Snapmaker and the Lutzbot (which about $2500US for just a 3D printer). I believe it is a great multi purpose machine. There may be better single purpose machines out there and I would Strongly suggest to the SM Team to sell the SnapMaker in single purpose configurations, it could save people $200 or more. Let them expand as needed.