What’s better than SnapMaker 2.0?

I paid $1,319 USD for my SnapMaker 2.0 which I have not received yet, but hoping it ships in October as I was told it would when I asked by email last month.

This is a business purchase for our machine shop, not my personal money.

Let’s say I could have spent $5,000 on a 3D printer (which I could have), so what other options would I have to buy perhaps a better printer from another source for just a few more thousand dollars.

In other words, what’s a step up SnapMaker 2.0 if I were willing to double or triple my budget, and by from another manufacturer?

Well… SM is a 3 in 1… thats its claim to fame. Its not the best printer but it does the job. Truthfully my creality ender 3 (about $200) is just about as good after spending a bit of time and about $100 on upgrades. If your asking what is the best printer out there, it depends largely on what you are trying to do with it. There are MSLA printers that can print down to a micron accuracy and print large items vary quickly, but the plastics cost much more and its residue is toxic and it takes more finishing work. The prusa is generally considered the top of the line Cartesian FDM printer on the hobby market. But others can print more accurately and faster (such as core xy printers)… so if you can tell me what you want to do with it and why you want it and I can recommend something that may work for you.

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