Is there a Touch Screen firmware upgrade for Snapmaker Original?

Am hoping that there can be a firmware upgrade for Snapmaker Original Touch Screen to include a PAUSE button for filament change.

I’ve asked a few times in 2.0 firmware threads, and haven’t heard anything.

Given that the last v1 firmware release was over 2 years ago, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

They have released the firmware source (it’s a .zip file somehwere on the forums), but they haven’t provided a github repo or any bundling software. The v2 community reverse engineered a process to bundle up a build into an installable release, but I haven’t seen anything like that for the v1. I’ve considered working on it, but I don’t have access to the the tools needed to unbrick my controller if I accidentally mess it up.

According to the docs, v1 supports the Dwell G4 [P<time in ms>] [S<time in sec>] code. So you could try inserting a sufficiently long Dwell operation that you have time to change the filament without actually pausing and unpausing it. That would be more accurate as well, as you can specifically target the layer / movement you want the change to happen at, rather than eyeballing it. You’d want to verify that before relying on it though, and it’s probably not a good idea for a big print job.