Laser shift during cut


I’ve just started using the laser etching head on the SM2 350.
All seems fine except on the latest project. There is a 20,15 mm shift in the x-y axis between the centre of my work and the centre of the base. can someone give an indication as to what may be happening.

Also after the image has been completed the laser head moved to the right with the bed continuing to move in the x-y axis apparently trying to etch something ironically with the laser off. And there was nothing else in the project file in that corner. Any ideas?

And jsut to clarify. When preparing the image and defining the number and passes and depth of cut , is the depth of cut per pass or the overall depth of all passes?

Your help is welcome.


Share photos, gcode, artwork, videos etc.
Otherwise all just blind speculation.

With laser it’s how much it lowers on each pass.


Please make sure that you have set the work origin correctly.

As for how to generate laser G-code in Snapmaker Luban 3.15, please refer to this gif image.

An update.
I reset the laser and then marked the centre of the plywood and set the work origin by jogging the head to the mark on my plywood and lasered the image in the attached photo and am happy with the result.

How do I attach a gcode file? I tried the upload button but the file seemed too big at 4.7…3mb.


If the file is too large, you can upload the file to Google Drive or DropBox and share a link here.

Laser engraving workflow is a little confusing, and users need some patience to get adept.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Sorry for the delay in getting back about this as I have been busy.

Heres the process I use, please indicate where I’m going wrong!

I load my file into Luban and centre on the axis and process to greate the Gcode, thats the easy bit.

I transfer the Gcode to my A350 by flash drive.
Next I centre the laser on the middle of the material using the’ Auto’, telling the system the thickness of material and ‘Set to work origin’ method, then start the laser operation.
The image below shows the result. The word starting to show above ‘Joy’ is the middle of the artwork.

The small dot below the ‘J’ in JOY is my estimated centre of the material.

Am i starting the laser operation on the printer the wrong way?

Any instructions or even links to tutorials video or otherwise are welcomed…



You’re doing all your adjustments from the hand controller?

Moving the laser so the dot is centered on workpiece and then hitting 'set work origin" and starting from the hand controller. Not using connection between your computer and SM to control anything?


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That sorted the issue, i was taping the icons left to right in order.
Is it a bit misleading, surely the set work orgin should be first ?

Furher questions

  1. Why use more than one pass for laser etching?
  2. Are more passes required for thicker materiall?

For etching you don’t necessarily need to use more passes.
Depending on the material, sometimes you get cleaner burns (less char) by going multiple passes at faster speeds. (With engraving use one depth.

Thickness only matters for cutting. Thicker materials need more passes. Different types (and colors) of materials need different numbers of passes.
Plywood can vary greatly even for the same thickness depending on type of wood and especially the glue that was used.