Irregular layer patterns

My print is showing huge qualtity differnces from layer to layer while using dual extrusion. I am not sure if this is a heat creep problem, or due to retraction. It is a large print and although I’m rather new to 3d printing, it would seem that both problems shouldn’t persist across whole layers the size I’m printing.
The cross dimension is 30cm. I’m using PLA at 220°C with standby temperature at 175°C. The image clearly shows a dramatic change in quality, as soon as the second extruder was finished printing the support structure.
Any tips?

White filament is the worst for the optical outside, it would be less shadows visible if you print it with a different colour.

For 2.0 users I guess this lines come from a wobbling bed while traveling.
But you own the Artisan so, maybe underextrusion because of heat creep?
Do some testing on a smaller model and
try printing with more temperature.
For a big part +20degrees would be fine but on a small model this would not work unfortunately…

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Thanks for the input, but I guess the fact the print quality changed, although the same white filament is being used, rules out any colour problem. The print takes 4 days, so it’s a bit of a tough one to tinker around with. I’ll try out some smaller models asap. Wobble could be a possible cause, as protruding lines have corresponding dents on the backside of the model - but it has to have something to do with the second extruder being used. As soon a my support (PVA on second extruder) was done, everything higher up looks perfect. Also, the temperature is running constant on the rest of the print, so a temperature related cause would have to have something to do with the standby temperature.

My Artisian is relatively new. Recently I started having issues with pitting and uneven prints. We use PLA and have changed several different name brands as well as changed the Z tip to a ruby tip. Until we changed to the ruby tip, all the prints were stopping after it got to about 5%, regardless of which filament we tried, and gave the 13-17 error code. We cleaned the nozzle, cleaned and recalibrated the bed, to no avail. So we changed the nozzle to a ruby tip. Now this happened. Any advice on what to do now?

Seems to be a different problem than mine, probably underextrusion. Is your filament running in smoothly and ar you using e dryer? My Artisan didn’t print anything properly without drying.

The filament is running smoothly, but we are not using a dryer at the moment. We have one and are planning to set it up soon, hopefully that will help.