Irregular extrusion

Any ideas what is causing this irregular extrusion along the X-axis? Y-axis looks just fine.

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Is there any play with the head and the bracket on the rail?

No, everything is tight.

Could it be bad linear module perhaps?

@snapUser I’ve never seen this happen before, but others may have. I’m going to wait for a few others that I sent a DM to, to come check this out and see what they think instead of guessing. I have an idea what it might be but don’t want to needlessly cause confusion.

Is the rail making any noise? Is it traveling the full length of what it’s supposed to be? Or is it short like something is preventing it from moving along smoothly? I’m just trying to gather information of symptoms.

Everything sounds fine (nothing strange, grinding, etc). Travels full width of the bed.

I would add, this only seems appears on first layer. I was thinking it was first layer (over) extrusion setting, but it doesn’t happen on the Y-axis.

Have you tried increasing the Z Offset? Even the lines that look semi-normal, are too close. It looks like the nozzle is ~0.10-0.15mm too close to the build surface.

First layer? maybe its just needing to be primed more? run a big ol’ skirt

So I re-did the calibration (7x7) and cleaned the heck out of the build plate with 99.9% IPA, and I’m getting much better results now. Although there still seems to be one area (lower left ) of the build surface that adhesion is an issue. Using another build plate, same issue. So I’m not sure if the bed has an anomaly. Tightened all the bed screws to uniform torque, but problem persists. So for now I just position my projects towards the upper/right area of the build plate.

Do you have the latest version of the firmware installed (1.13.1 - July 21, 2021)? If not, that should address your adhesion/leveling issues, as there is a mess leveling bug in all firmware prior to 1.12.2.

Be aware that the firmware also has WiFi fixes that may require you to perform a full factory reset (Controller and Touchpad), if you run into WiFi issues. The factory reset will fix those issues, but just letting you know that it might happen.

No, I’m risk adverse and will hold off on the latest firmware for a while yet (still on V1.12.1). I guess I could try V1.12.2

The bed does warp when it gets warm, did you calibrate it room temperature?

i usually preheat the bed to temp or maybe 5 degrees above temp and let it sit for a bit before calibrating. it makes a big difference when it comes to adhesion issues, because the bed sits differently when its at different temperatures

Bed was preheated during calibration, using this procedure…

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thats good.

unfortunately without some additional efforts mechanically, it may be that its just as good as it can get. i had some low spots on my stock bed despite the efforts, but they do help a lot.

you can try going a little hotter, playing with z offset a bit more, go slower on first layers, add a brim, etc. its a tricky balance to find :expressionless: i always had a zone on my bed that was lower than the rest and it drove me nuts.

the mesh fix might help you in the firmware though

I noticed this too and there were two root casues I found that explained why x and y lines differed in quality:

  1. filament access issues - if the spool does not rotate well, or filament is tangled on the spool, or there is some other issue hindering free feed progression of filament, only the lines where the filament is both dragged by head movement AND extruder screw will be even, if its ONLY the extruder screw, extrusion will somewhat studder (i.e. difference between x and y lines in terms of evenness)
  2. 3dp head version - older Snapmaker 2.0s came with a 3dp toolhead with a single, side facing air vent; those will have an extruder screw with less indentations, less grip and worse cooling. The newer ones seem to do better on extrusion and cooling evenness.

for point 2), does anyone know if Snapmaker offers a (discounted) older print head version swap program? Or am I basically stuck with my “older” printhead and would need to wait for the dual extruder to come out (hopefully) in Q4 this year?

they dont have any trade type deals, but the 3dp module is like 120 bucks. specify you want the new one if you decide to order one, or they might send the old one…

i am not so sure the dual extruder is going to be coming out this year, but who knows.

I got a problem that look the same, my filament was tangle.