iPad Pro Workflow?

Hello everyone, I am just starting out in 3D printing and was wondering if anyone has developed a workflow with an iPad Pro? I thought it would be fun to create models, then slice and export the GCode to a USB drive all from the iPad Pro. I have seen various native software packages for the iPad as well as Online software, but thought I would ask around if anyone here has developed a complete workflow first. Thanks!



I would also like to know if this is possible. I am using the 2017 iPad Pro and hoping I don’t need to go buy a PC tomorrow when I get my Snapmaker 1.0 delivered

AND, if there isn’t a good workflow, what are the minimum spec’s for a PC Laptop that will work with Snapmaker both 1.0 and 2.0?

Thank you

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I just downloaded umake for ipad- which you can actually buy and will output .stl files. Shapr has one of the most awful licensing schemes I’ve seen for an iPad app, so I wouldn’t recommend bothering there.

My plan is to buy an enclosure and use wifi to transmit the .stl’s to the printer. Unfortunately iPadOS isn’t supported for luban, so my workflow will be umake -> nextcloud -> luban -> snapmaker.

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So is there an iPad app we can use to create files then load them onto a USB?

Not Snapmaker Luban right now. Luban does not support Mobile phone and iPad now.

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Is there a 3rd party app I could use for either printing, laser or CNC?

I have heard AstroPrint for iPad Pro.

Not sure how does it work. But you can have a try.


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