Introducing Snapmaker J1 3D Printer: IDEX Made Faster

Hello Makers,

We would like to introduce J1, our first IDEX 3D printer, to all you guys!

It features independent dual extruders (IDEX), lightning-fast printing speed, intelligent calibration solution, advanced materials printing, and more surprises waiting for you to explore!

You can pre-order it since Nov 8, 2022 for $1099 or €1339 on the Snapmaker online store.
For more details, go to our website: Snapmaker J1 - Snapmaker

More Information You May Need

Also, we’re glad to announce the return of the J1 team to the Snapmaker family, and you can learn more about how we make it through and work out the J1 project together here: Announcement: J1 team has returned to Snapmaker  - Snapmaker Blog.

If you are interested in Snapmaker J1, please follow Snapmaker’s official social media channels and join the Snapmaker J1 Facebook group to catch up on the latest news.

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