Interested in Emergency stop button connected to smart plug/power meter guide?

I’m finishing up another DIY enclosure mod, was wondering if there is any interest in a guide for this.

Working Emergency stop button, that connects directly over wifi to power plug and shuts off the machine when it pressed. Turns it back on when it depressed. Smart power plug also acts as power meter.

This is for people who has an MQTT Broker they can utilize or setup.

Total spent in parts

  • $13 for smart power plug/meter
  • $1.6 for controller
  • $4 for the button
    Plus shipping from Aliexpress.

I just thought of this, it is totaly possible to connect fire suppression to this in order to shutoff the machine. Like in this - Facbook post repost - Next level enclosure mods but without Home Assistant…


Why not just use a smart plug that is already Thread and Matter enabled from Amazon as the interrupt for the SM? or is this a recycle of the stop button and I missed something

post a link, 'm not sure what are you describing…

I think he means just some smarthome switch which are normally used for lighting or something like this. With a corresponding Power Plug you can directly link them with your Matter Broker. Will be more expensive, but less handicrafts. I prefer your solution :slight_smile:
You can also look for Ronin on YouTube. He designed some controller which you can attach directly to your snapmaker with custom emergency Button and so on. Also control for LEDs.

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Oh, this is nowhere near Ronins level of sofistication. What he does is amazing. He would’vecome up with a custom pcb and such. I’m here just cobbling together a few components without deep understanding of the hardware part.
This thing actually connects to a smart plug, It says it right there in the first message :slight_smile: Gues people read slower then reply. Guilty my self sometimes.

I have my Artisan on a power strip that I can control from a phone app. When I need to shut it down and I’m not in the room, I just turn off that outlet.