Power Switch Alternative?

Hi Team -

Has anyone designed an alternative way of power switching our Snapmaker on and off other than the little switch on the back side of the unit or just unplugging the power cord? It’s not that I’m too lazy to reach behind, I just think it’s placed in an inconvenient place. I’m sure someone will come up with a great idea for this.

You can plug the power supply in to a wall out let controlled by a wall switch.
You can break the hot side of the wire going to the snapmaker and install a switch.
You could design and print a small box that will accept plugs compatible with the snapmaker plugs and a switch and break the hot side then make an extension wire with the compatible plugs and plug one end in to the printed box and the other in to the snapmaker.

Another user made an emergency stop button: Emergency Stop Button for Snapmaker

That should work well as an on-off switch too, or with whatever kind of switch you want.

I have mine connected to a smart plug and use voice to turn it on and off.

Like Kelvin8r, I have each of my printers plugged into a smartplug. This can be powered on and off with the built in button, with a smart unit (such as an Alexa), or just from my phone. A bonus of this is that if you leave it running when you leave the house and are monitoring via web-cam, if anything goes wrong you can power it off from wherever you are