Instructable as promised

Just finished with the first draft of an instructable describing how to embed screens into prints.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Good work. Thanks for taking the effort to post it.

That is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing :slight_smile:

Just for fun, I googled “embedding a mesh into 3d print” to see what happened.

Just about fell off my chair, there it is, the number 1 result!

That’s just crazy.

I like the Idea to stabilize a print with mesh inside… like carbon fiber.

My fast Idea was to stop the print at some point and to lay the mesh on top of the hole print. Fix the mesh with some adhesive tape to the printbed and print the nextlayer ontop/within the mesh. Afterwards cut the mesh which is visbile outside the print off.

The difficulty in that method should be to choose the right Z-Hop between the two prints so that the mesh is filled by the filament and the nozzle isn’t scratching over the mesh.

Your fast idea is the same as the first printing step that I did. I was never able to trim all the mesh fibers off completely. Those that I was able to cut flush to the part looked unsightly.

I didn’t worry any about the Z-hop, as the nylon wouldn’t scratch the print nozzle. Now if you were using steel or brass mesh to add strength to the print, then you would need a tougher nozzle. I haven’t experimented with it, but it’s quite possible that the heat transfer from the nozzle to the metal mesh would allow the print head to push the metal into the previous layer enough to make a Z-hop unnecessary.

I may have to play around with this when I have time.

Here are a couple of closeups using a $1.50 cell phone camera microscope. Not really great, but you can see the interface of the mesh/PLA. Each image is about 180X.

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