Satisfaction with glass bed

Hey gang

I just wanted to show this picture off of my current print…

Look at how much of the surface i am using!

Took me a long time to get to this point but I am here baby!

Thanks to everyone on this forum for getting me this accomplishment!

I intentionally just sat and filled this thing up to see if I could do it or not. I think I could have fit 2 more if I shifted everything down some and added another row on the top, but i was trying to stay away from my glass clips. Didn’t realize that the bed was larger than the slicer’s surface.

Bonus giant oreo ice cream sandwich in bottom left.


Nice job MJ! I have one arriving soon. My spring steel one arrived today. Cant wait to give it a try.


Id like to add that

here is one reason why cura is better than simplify3d

i like (need) to have big skirts to prime my nozzle for best results.

Cura allows you a “minimum skirt length” while simplify3d does not.

On Cura i could say my skirt must be at least 5cm or whatever i want and then just sset it to 1 skirt, and it would print extra as needed where as simplify3d it doesnt work that way, so in some cases my nozzle may not be primed by the time it gets to the parts.

in this case i surely could have cut it back a lot but its just an example.

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I tried using a glass bed but have difficulties on getting good adhesion. Do you have any advice for this?

Had to small but rather high prints that came loose after a certain hight.

Maybe you‘ve got a tip for me :slight_smile:

Well I have a pretty tight z offset for one

and I use magigoo basically exclusivly anyhow due to the insurance it provides me and the fact that it helps release.

i have very little problems with adhesion

further note, the glass surface itself is nice for printing, but the main reason i wanted it is because it is consistently flat and not prone to warping. heat transfer also seems really even. i am using pyrex right now though. i do have regular glass to experiment with.

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Okay I didn‘t use any kind of gluestick until now.
Maybe I should first try to lower the z-offset a little. But I found that if I go too low the nozzle starts dragging the first layer around instead of it sticking.

But maybe I can give the gluestick variation a try.

i did use a gluestick a few times on the glass bed and it was also pretty effective. i just like magigoo better. lasts longer and easier to clean up and release parts.

my z offset thing - i think my machine is kinda wonky so i have the flow rate turned down quite a bit, your experiences may vary. i just kinda watched the lines lay out and didnt stop adjusting until they were coming out flat instead of separated basically.

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That’s a great resul! I had terrible problems with the provided bed system, PEI layers on steel sheets add-ons seem to be somewhat better, but still error-prone…
I see you have added a cooling fan in front of the print head too, are you willing to share a pair of more details on the additional cooling and the type of glass/Pyrex surface you’re using? It could be really useful for all the users having similar problems, I think…
Thank you!

I am using an 1/8" piece of pyrex right now cut to size by a local glass shop. i also got some regular glass and plan to try various different configurations to see what works best with heat distribution and so forth.

the blower mod is from this thread:

3DP Part Cooling Fan 5015 Replacement - Snapmaker 2.0 - Snapmaker: where creation happens

theres various different designed mods and instructions for best results within the thread.

if you search for FiFix youll see how the calibration was done and i also posted some glass clips on that thread, but i think the print file is down right now because he is upgrading it.

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Hi MooseJuice, can i ask you how you have calibred the bed?
With the 5x5 manual levelling?
I’m now using 11x11 calibration and it looks pretty good

thanks :slight_smile:

With the glass bed, a member designed an adaptor to use the auto calibration over the glass, if you search for FiFix. However, he pulled it down while he makes some adjustments to it.

I just run a 5 x 5 auto now.

Before hand i was running a preheated 11 x 11 which also made a big stride in the right direction yeah.


Thanks you so much :smiley:

@MooseJuice Can you provide a link for the glass bed you’re using? I’m currently fighting a warped bed on my A350 and am considering a glass bed…

I honestly just had some glass cut locally.