Inline Filament Drier

Hi All

I was watching the video of @Rainie at the recent Makers Faire in the USA and noted an interesting device on the video, an inline filament drier from Thordsen Thordsen 3D the shop site is Thordsen Shop …cost $97

Do any members have one of these or experience with them?

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I think you could build one yourself for much less…

Hi @SchnabsiX

Maybe if one is talented in such things, for many of us buying a complete, finished and working product is an easier and safer way to go.

Keep having fun whatever approach you take.


It seems to be a hotend with cooling ribs instead of the nozzle and a temperature controller…I’ll see if i can get my hands on some cheap hotends and mod them myself.

also thinking about how to fix the bowden tube to the snapmaker printhead, because without that there isn’t much sense in one, if you expose the filament afterwards again to normal air.

but thanks for sharing the idea :smiley:


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