Incomplete laser calibration

December 15, 2020 Chicago,IL
Just finished assembling the Snap maker with the laser head. When the laser test calibration is performed, the graduated lines are not getting completed. Is the test square around the graduated lines supposed to be a solid line? My square is not solid? I performed the test twice and the second time has less graduated lines then the first. Anyone else have this issue

This is kind of normal, take the best calibration line and try again.
My manual focus is about 5.5mm from the bed, I guess.

How do I add shapes to the tool box? It comes with several shapes now.

You mean the square and the circle?

Click on them. Then click and drag to draw them.


Is it possible to add my own shapes?

Use a real graphics program. You’ll be much happier.
Gimp, Krita, Inkscape are a few of the free ones.
Export as png or svg.