PETG settings for tower

Hello folks,

I’ve been going through PETG trying to figure out how to do it on my snapmaker 350T. One limitation I see right off the get-go is the bed is limited at 80°. But after reading through as much as I could and changing my settings there seems to be an issue on bridging. On the Temp Tower and on Benchy. Some reason when it does the bridge or something flat the spacing and I’m not sure if it’s the infill @ 9 are causing issues.

What do you thing would cause this. To me the walls look good and the temperature around 250 for the PETG looks good in the bridge just the inner of it is incorrect.

He are my settings

I don’t see a problem. If you’re looking for the filament to squish together to form a solid layer that will never happen when extruding through free air during a bridge. You need supports for that.

If you’re talking about the direction it chose to extrude then that can be tweaked with the Cura Experimental Bridging settings.

So that much separation is a normal thing? It also did it on benchy

Typically people use enough infill so nothing is bridging further than a couple mm. Anytime you are extruding through free air expect that. Even sometimes on the first solid layer on infill.

I’ve never had to have my bed higher than 80º and generally 70º for PETG.

I always use glue stick with it. Not necessary but adds a margin of error as it sticks better and also releases better.