How to set pause points to change color multiple times

Just wondering how you would set multiple pause points where the printing head would move away from the print to allow you to change filament colors. The version of Cura I have allows for one, I have print jobs where 2 or 3 are needed and I have to sit and what the printer and manually pause it and move the head out of the way change the filament, home the X/Y and then resume. It would be so much easier if the pause points were programmed in.

TIA, Steve

Make sure you’re using filament change which uses the M600 command, you’re on the latest firmware that supports M600, and add Cura post processing scripts.

You posted this in the Luban section of the forum though, so you would have to manually insert the M600 commands in the gcode file as Luban does not have an interface for adding pauses.

Use the latest snapmaker firmware and prusa slicer. If you set color change in prusa, M600 G-code is automatically inserted. If you operate Snapmaker using a USB stick, you can use the prusa slicer color change function perfectly.

Previously, I used to use cura’s “pause at height” extension only to change color in snapmaker 2.0, but I added a dummy object to handle filament blobs, etc. Now it’s so easy that you don’t even need it. Thanks to the new firmware to support the M600 and prusa slicer.

Operation in octoprinter cannot be guaranteed. This is because after several failures, I tried to work perfectly with the USB stick and the default snapmaker controller.

Hi Seungsoo Kim, Yes that’s exactly what I needed and as it turns out after you slice the part using Prusa you can import the g-code to Luban and run it from there via Wifi.