Multi-Color Printing with Filament Change Pause?

Is it possible with Luban to add a filament change GCode (I believe M500?) to unload a filament and load a new one and then continue in the new color?

I think it would be awesome to support this, possibly sending a notification to the user that filament can be changed…

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I would like to know this as well!

Or let me put it differently… if you do manual filament changes, say I want a different color beginning at a certain height… how would I be able to tell when the layer below it is done?

Pause and measure?

I just tried editing the G-code, inserting M600 (fillament change). It did indeed stop the print at the desired layer, but I could not change fillament, and I could not even resume the print.
Then I found out that M600 is not supported by Snapmaker. Last year somebody requested it, but so far no implementation.
Snapmaker is great so far, but this is really disapointing……

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Yeah they didn’t implement the resume feature in the firmware.

How do we add a feature request to get this enabled?

SM maintains a github repository for the firmware (as well as Luban). The issue tracker is the place to report this:

Note that issue #6 is a request to implement M600, Filament Change.

Also note that if you were to “force” a runout, the device would pause. You could replace the filament at this point.

I forced a runout by clipping the filament at a specific point in the print (e.g. 75%), then inserting the new filament. This worked partially but at the point of the filament change the printer left an anomaly (extra plastic). From then on, the new color printed well. I’m trying to print a QR code but now I want to get more precise and figure out exactly what layer to stop the print. It’s very difficult without the M600 code in the gcode

So the snapmaker will extrude about 10mm of filament after a reloaded runout, which you can intercept with your hand real quick before it reaches your part again. this appears to get the flow moving nice and well.

Their starter gcodes always have it extrude material in the corner in the same fashion and wipe it off, they should probably be doing that in this scenario too.

Furthermore, defining the coordinates of the wipe would be ideal… for people like me that have clips to hold glass on

This is something that can be done in the start gcode, but it would be cool to implement a custom position for wiping the snot on your sleeve in a convenient position for your build after a filament runout resume.