How to get CNC to Carve in Both Directions

I’m using Luban with my Snapmaker 1.
Is there a way to get the CNC carving to work in both directions in Y axis?
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To be honest, I did not understand what you mean. Can you explain more about ’ work in both directions in Y axis’?

When I run the CNC file, the tool starts at the top left corner, and cuts a sweep in -Y to the bottom left corner. Then it rises, moves back to the top of the image and drops to cut the next line in the -Y direction. If it would just cut in both directions, instead of top-bottom, move back to top-bottom, the file could run in half the time…a 4 hour cut would be a 2 hour cut.

Luban is not the best CAM software for CNC… I had tried to carve a simple circle (for a cupboard hinge cup) and it does these linear sweep to make the circular hole, which makes no sense at all!

For this reason i switched to Fusion 360 (free for hobbyist) and the CAM that they have is waaaay better. So in the end the hinge cup i processed it in Fusion and it does this nice spiral cut.

Nevertheless, with CNC carving in general there is a preferred cutting direction, which Luban probably does not know. So better stick with Fusion…

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I use F360 for my modeling, but I’m new to using it so I haven’t explored (figured out) what all I can do with it. Thanks for the info.

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Take your time to explore all the possibilities :slight_smile: Snapmaker has a intro to CNC CAM for fusion which I think is good enough to start with.

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