How to control enclosure fan on/off

Brand new J1 S and lastest Luban slicer. How do I switch on/off the enclosure fan for different filaments? Clicking the toggle switch in the Luban slicer doesn’t seem to do anything for the fan or the lights.



Is your firmware up to date?

Yes, updated today.

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Didn’t find what but it should be here:

No option on touchscreen? Maybe have a look at the gcode?
No j1 user here, Let’s wait for a j1 user.

Thanks for the link. I went through that, but nothing obviously connected. I thought it might be a parameter in Materials, but there isn’t a separate one. Maybe it’s connected to the nozzle cooling? No nozzle cooling, no enclosure cooling?? I have seen ads for the J1 fan upgrade that say it’s switchable, so presumably in the J1S it should be. Nothing on the touch screen settings for the enclosure.



I dont have the new fan but you can read about it here: Snapmaker J1 Print Cooling Fan Upgrade Kit & J1s Model - #17 by Jade so yes, it is connected to the part cooling fan…

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Fantastic info, many thanks. I hoped it would be intelligent enough not to have to play around too much and it seems that is the case.
I have had a Creality CR10 for 3 years as part of my business and the J1S blew me away on the quality of the first few prints. I bought it mainly to get into PC and CF filaments so the enclosure was a big part of my decision to purchase.

Thanks again,