How long can you run the laser?


So I will be getting the V1 unit in on Monday. This will be my first laser engraver and CNC that I will play with. Doing some research in the past, it seems you shouldn’t run lasers for x amount of time, and there should be some cool down period. It seems different per manufacture.

How long can you run the laser without running into problems? How long should the cool down period be? And does the machine have some safety feature. Like if I’m doing a picture, and it takes longer than the safety time. Will the machine pause for a bit, and just keep going by itself. Or will I have to do this?


Don’t panic. There is no safety time, it just keeps running until it finishes processing through the object g-code file. hahahahahaha treat it like a hair-dryer

Have fun



So I don’t have to worry about the laser overheating?


Not usually. The product most likely incorporates a heatsink to remove excess… well… heat. Did you happen to buy the V1 unit with the original laser module, or the upgraded one?


No, as mentioned by others it has a heat sink/fan fro protection. HOWEVER, I would never leave such a device running unattended as no device is perfect. By all means do other things, just keep an occasional eye on its progress.

You will have fun.



Both. I have the entire v1 coming in tomorrow. And I have the upgraded laser coming in the day after.

I am going to setup the machine about 3 feet from my desk I normally work at. Because the laser is burning the wood, and fire can take off pretty easily. I would have to be there to work it.
Speaking of, is there a pause on the laser? Like if someone comes in the room without glasses or if I need to leave for a few hours. Is there a way to pause the laser for a bit?


My SM1 came with the standard 200mw unit and then acquired the upgraded 1600mw unit…great.


What do you think about the upgrade? Does it engrave faster? Also, how thick is too thick when cutting something like wood with the laser?


Not faster, just more powerful. Cutting is still basic, not thick items. Multiple passes will be required. I would not be planning to try and cut anything greater than 3mm