How do I show the Move/Scale/Rotate tool box

I’m in the 3D Printing G-code generator and I’ve loaded a model and I need to scale it down a bit. I seem to remember from previous tests that I’ve done that there should be a tool box window on the left side of the 3D window that has move/scale/rotate widgets but I don’t see anything there or any kind of menu option for bringing it up.
I’ve reloaded Snapmaker Luban and the model several times but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
I’m using Snapmaker Luban on Mac OSX El Capitan

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I add an object to the workspace the tools do not appear until I select the model by clicking on it. If that doesn’t work for you I don’t know why, sorry.

When I click on the object I see the move handles appear but not the toolbox. However, randomly clicking in that area of the screen eventually caused the handles to change to scale. So I guess the problem is sort of solved…