Hi, welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself. =)

Hi all, Im Netanel just a regular person, Im unemployd at the moment, im plenning to make some good tarrine for some miniature games…

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Hi guys,

I’m Jérémie, I work in the fabulous LED world as optronics engineer.
I didn’t get my Snapmaker for the moment but Snapmakers team accepted me (Thanks a lot again =) to let me test software before reception ^^.


Hello all,

My name is Meike, 37 years old female nerd (happier to be a nerd than feeling ashamed for) and courier for my daily work.
I’ve used Sketchup for almost a decade, now learning Fusion 360 for easier modelling and exporting to the snapmaker.


hello all…

I am a semi-retired tinker/hacker from 30+ years in silicon valley, now in union mississippi, a small town where i graduated from high school with a senior class of 12.

I have no formal education, besides a few collage courses audited for my own enlightenment, and electronics via the us navy.

but my interest was always hands on for bleeding edge technology, so i worked/hacked/tinkered on various technologies for research, medical, and military systems.

most of my work was as a research assistant, engineering tinker-gofer, or systems consultant, for when the real brains got stuck, i would go in and fix things…

i rarely worked on original designs, but applied my skillcrafts to fixing design flaws or system bugs of other original art…

i only have 12 design wins spanning over 30 years, but some of them were kinda neat…

anywayz, i’m starting to get back into the tinkering/hacking world in a small way, and hope to generate a few nickels to improve my financial situation…



Hi I’m Paul aka Beardy Keith … I’m in a edible interested in tech, this is my firat 3D venture. I recieved my snap maker on Tuesday and have used the 3D and laser both to some success already but a few failures also…



I a tech blogger, 3d printer fan. I love messing with 3d printing, and other tech. I have been http://www.technewszone.com and http://www.youtube.com/technewszone since 1/11/11. I am also a aspie tech blogger, with 3 autistic kids. I am into beta testing and reviewing and messing with technology and am trying to use it to help stem education too. I have been messing with computers and other tech since the early 1980’s. I am also in MRO Sales, and a rep for Lenovo part time too. I started college in Mechanical engineering, wound up getting a BS in Business Admin, and a major in marketing. I have been trying teaching as a guest teacher too for a month too. I do educational events on occasion to make difference too. I am looking forward to getting my snapmaker, mine was one of the ones stuck in customs but am finally getting it tomorrow 11/13/2017. We also do trade shows like CES as press too especially like the 3d printing, drones and start ups. We like helping startups too. I am also an army and army national guard veteran too, as well as almost an MBA too. I am mechanically and tech savvy too. We are @itechnewszone on twitter too!!


Hi, my name is Todd. I’m a long-time software engineer currently implementing and integrating high-bitrate broadcast quality video codecs. Five years ago I built a Mendelmax from a bill-of-materials, which was good for its time. But things have changed. I was about to build another, but a colleague pointed out the SnapMaker and the design fixes most of the biggest problems in early hobby FDM designs, especially stability in all three axes and modularity. I’m looking forward to it.


Chris. Injection mold engineer for 10+. Vehicle cockpit designer. I’m a newbie to spool printers but excited about Snapmaker.


hey all,
I’m Ion, architect and hobby fanatic, will use the machine to print model parts and toys.
really excited about the laser and CNC bits. already printed a 3D object. that was easy having issues with the laser and CNC part. There are lots of adjustments and Algorithms to choose from and have no idea what they all mean


Hey Everyone!,

I am Alex, by day I am IT Support and Technology Solutions Coordinator for a high end to the trade only furniture and lighting designer and manufacture in Los Angeles, CA. Evenings and weekends I am a race engine builder and machinist. Jack of many trades and always learning in pursuit of mastering one.

Currently working on making a postion indicator for a hand built turntable used in 360* photography. Next up is printing some prototype lighting components.


Hi, Greetings from South Korea, my name is Yong, have worked 20 years as a design emgineer for Brushed and Brushless DC motors. I am not sure how I can use this new toy, snapmaker. but I am sure now I am enjoying this new my toy.
Snapmaker can make my complex idea be more realistic. Thanks.


Hey Chris, I am going to be needing some help with a project soon that I think I will want to use injection molding for, I may have to hit you up here in the next month or so if you are up to it. Working on the drawing now…

Hi my name is Justin. I live in Western Iowa. I bought a maker mini a couple years back and had some fun working 3d printing into a few of my side projects. I used it to help out with leveling glass on a custom desk I made out of industrial shelving. I don’t have any experience with 3d drawing. I was using tinkercad and started dabbling in a few other more robust programs. I found tinkercad stupid easy to use for a noob like me. Unfortunately my mini stopped feeding properly and it took me over a year to replace the extruder just to have the whole unit crap out on me after one print. I was super excited when I saw the snapmaker and am enjoying it so far. I have only played around with the printing so far. Unfortunately I am very much out of practice. I look forward to getting back in the game! We are building a great community here, I look forward to seeing what everyone does with their snapmaker.


Hey everyone, I’m James I stepped back from my career a few years ago to explore my artistic side. Just wasn’t happy where I was at. I have been for the last 6 years a glass engraver doing custom work. I dabble in wood turning and some blacksmithing (not a knife maker). Was looking for a small laser engraver to do some pyro work on my wood work. The addition of the 3D printer will let me do some design work that has been waiting for a way to get it off paper/computer and into the real world.


Hello everyone!

My name is Jørn. So many engineers in here!
I work in a factory making styrofoam products.

Got several hobbies and I enjoy making stuff whenever i get a good idea. Built my own gold trommel and learned how to weld in the process.

I think the snapmaker will open up a new world of possibilites for me and I just cant wait to get my hands on it :smiley:


Hi, My name is Celia. I am an artist/sculptor/jeweler. While I received my Snapmaker a few weeks ago, I have only set it up this week. I am looking forward to using all 3 modules to help me around my studio. It looks like a very nice community here and I am pleased to be a part of it.:dizzy:


Hi Celia

I am awaiting my Snapmaker, so have fun with yours and yes it is a great forum with many happy contributors



hehe,it’s very cool if some child have got a gift like this and it’s made by his dad.

Hi Marijan ,it’s great ,i ever design different mechine construct ,and make by the laser engraving .!This is one of my product .image|690x422

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I prefer to use PLA ,it’s safe ,smell good ,and print quickly ,didn’t like ABS ,you must wait for several minutes to heat the palatform and worry about the Alice edage all the time.

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