Help - replacement kit fail


I received the replacement kit for the dual extruder and following the instructions on the WIKI.

I am now getting an error… Extruder R Failed to Home.
Error code: 13-15
Please check if the right extruder is prevented from moving.

Can anyone give me any pointers on how to resolve this issue? Can I print using the L extruder until I can get this fixed?

Thanks all.

Hey, think I’ve fixed it.

Nut was in the wrong position…

I was just going to suggest that you make sure the extruder is fully seated in the module. What did you do to solve it?

It was in the right vertical position but was turned the wrong way. It’s quite difficult to see whether the flat surface is in the right position. I turned it 90 degrees and it seems to be working.

I remember now that I had the same problem. I had a brain fart and was thinking “left extruder” when I replied.

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I’m having this exact same problem, but I do already have the flat surface facing correctly, and the lead screw nut is inside the iron buckle. It makes sort of an unpleasant noise before throwing the error, and then when I take it out, the nut is screwed all the way up to the motor? Still trying to figure it out, but it seems like maybe the nut should be at some very specific spot along the screw, except I didn’t move it when I first took it out, so one would have thought it was already in that correct position.

UPDATE: I followed the guide that support sent us. It says if I plug in the module with the case off, and see two lights instead of one, there’s a problem. However, it doesn’t explain what the problem actually is? What does two lights indicate?

With the case off, I can see that the module does indeed raise the right extruder just fine. However, it just keeps raising until the nut runs out of thread and starts grinding. This happens no matter how far down I have the nut when I turn it on. It’s like there’s supposed to be something sensing when the extruder is raised enough, but it isn’t doing it.

Yes, there should be a limit switch that stops the movement. Check all the cable connectors to make sure none came loose.