Help Needed! How to set two different infills and wall thickness on the same extruder?

Hi everyone!

I’m new to Snapmaker and 3d printing in general but I’m in the process of creating a build that requires 3 different densities of material. Using the dual extruder, I’m using one extruder to print a higher density filament at a higher infill. The other extruder has to print two different infill percentages of the same filament. I’m just confused as to how I can set the extruder to treat the 2 different STL files differently. How would I create a separate toolpath with separate print settings?

I’d appreciate any help!

This is the main information for me.
If you truly need different infills in one model you need to split the model in different processes with different settings but this works in other slicers like cura or Prusa slicer or others.

Here is a start point for you with Luban:

So basically there is no way to do this on Snapmaker itself?

It has nothing to do with the “Snapmaker” itself. You’ll need software other than Luban, as stated. Look at Simplify3D.

If you can’t imagine how to do, I would suggest to start with a easier project.
Maybe start with the sample which was previously posted.

The Dual extruder printing process is not as easy to print like the single extruder module.
This could be really annoying if you have the end boss as first project.

I installed Cura and figured out how to adjust the infill by file so thank you for that suggestion! And yes, it is definitely a learning curve but I’m working through it.