Heating tube voltage ... and current?


I’m trying to unstuck my hot end from a massive amount of PLA that got inside the printing module, unluckily my thermistor got damaged during the cleaning process so now the printer won’t provide power to the heating tube.

I would like to connect the heating tube directly to the laboratory power supply in order to heat everything up again but I’m not able to find any specification for the heating tube. The power supply provides up to 25V and 3A so it should be more than enough for the heating tube.

Do you mention Snapmaker Original or Snapmaker 2.0? You can purchase the hot end kit in our online store or our Amazon store.


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And they’re only $8 US. I have five with 2 in service, 2 new in reserve.

Just a reminder - the Blob happens when both the nozzle and the guide tubes aren’t both tightened.

Our test team has arrange some tests on the blob issue with Snapmaker 2.0.

We have to admit that the causes are various.

  • Users need to make sure the first layer sticks to the print sheet.
  • As for some complex module, we recommend users to add the support manually in Snapmaker Luban.

We will dig deeper and improve the 3D printing module more reliable.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


This is not what I was interested in, I only wanted to know the specification of the heating tube.

Do you mention Snapmaker Original or Snapmaker 2.0?

This is Snapmaker Original subforum so … Original, I don’t know if the heating tube is different for 2.0

And they’re only $8 US. I have five with 2 in service, 2 new in reserve.

I do have spares, last time I had to fix the printer I bought more parts, so that is not the case.

If you want to know the blob issue was due to a loose connection on the Z-axis motor and I realized too late that PLA is being “pushed” into the module - BTW printer probably should check the connection to motors, the remaining ones worked without issues - and because during cleaning I damaged thermistor cables printer was not able to heat up heating tube anymore (cables were heavily covered with PLA), so I wanted to connect it directly to a power source so it could heat itself up again and allow me to clean the rest of it …

… and somehow I got 3 answers and none of them was the answer to my question.


For any future readers that might want to do the same thing, first thing, yes you can connect a new thermistor then your printer will be able to use a heating tube again, but it is way easier to clean the module when it’s not connected to a printer, I used laboratory power supply with 12V and limited current to something like 800 mA and tube heat up in reasonably controllable manner. That’s it, you can probably try to use some sort of DC power supply but those with 12V also gives you something like 2A of current, so the tube will heat up way faster, be careful.

Are you referring to the ceramic cartridge heater? Something like these:

Generally they are in the 30W to 40W range. They are capable of generating temperatures exceeding 1000F, and I have melted aluminum with them before - if powering from a lab power supply do not blindly put 40W into it without a temperature controller that shuts it off when it reaches a reasonable temperature.

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