Heated bed cold spot

Just recently printed 3 of the same item side by side. The two outside ones were fine but the middle one had problems with layer separation and the first layer showed filaments not adhering together. I investigated and found the center of my bed not up to temp. Do I need a new bed? It doesn’t look repairable.

Wondering because the temperature sensor sits under the center.

Whats your filament? If it’s Pla it should print just fine without a heated bed. In this case it could be more a leveling than a heat problem.

I don’t think it’s a leveling problem because it is only in an area slightly larger than 1 square inch right in the center of the bed. I can’t feel a dip in the bed at that spot.

That sounds a bit like the bumpyness of the heated bed many users experience - mine is not very even either, although such a clear bump as you desrcibe I have not. Did you look if the bumb/spot you have coincides with a screw location? If so, losen the screw or leave it out completely, perhaps this helps. Some people have put shims in some places below the heated bed to get it more even.

I do not believe that your bed is actually broken - the bed is not heated in such small zones. If your bed was partly broken, you’d have a much larger cold area.

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No screw in center of the bed. I checked the bed with feeler gauges and a straight edge; all checks ok. I’m currently running some laser jobs. I flipped the build plate. As soon as I can 3D print again I’ll heck the results.