3d printing module not recgnoised

After flooding my 3D print module I had to rebuild it with parts sent from snapmaker.

Now the module is not recognised. I have reconfirmed that the wiring is all correct and have tested the other modules so I know the other wiring is fine.

Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot the problem?

If flooding the print module means flow of melt up into the module when the nozzle has been obstructed by the model detaching from the base plate, then I have had this happen several times. The first time I removed PLA from inside the module. To do this I needed to heat the nozzle to melt blocking PLA. I tried this the second time, but a small spark occurred between tweezers and module; the module was no longer recognised. I bought a new module. The third time, to the new module, I heated the nozzle and brought it close to the heated bed, then moved to nozzle up to get some space, switched off and removed the softened/melted PLA. I replaced the bed to get better adhesion of models, and so far the problem has not occurred. This is a long answer to your query, but an instant short circuit caused failure of the module. My electronic expertise was not up to checking failed part and rebuilding module.

I checked online and cannot seem to find anywhere to buy a replacement module. Where did you get yours from?

I obtained replacement print module from Snapmaker. It was not on their webpages, I emailed enquiry and they replied with price, and I purchased from a link provided.

How much does it cost for a new 3D module? and shipping cost?

I bought new/replacement 3D print head, but do not have details of price or delivery. Contain Snapmaker report for current price.