Hardened nozzle for J1

I am getting a J1 in January and would like information on which hardened nozzle is suitable.
Thank you very much for the information.

I wish you a Happy New Year 2023

Hi bbjack, you can purchase the hardened hot end for J1 in our online store: [Replacement] Paired Hot Ends for Snapmaker J1 (0.2/0.4/0.6/0.8mm) – Snapmaker US

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It’s $110 for a set of nozzles?!

It’s a set of hot ends actually, including the nozzle, heat block, heat sink, heat break, extruding gears, etc. It uses a PT100 thermistor to monitor a larger and more precise temperature range, a heat sink made of titanium alloy to achieve effective thermal insulation, and a fine copper heat block to guarantee better heat conduction. :wink:


But it’s still a TON more expensive than buying different sized nozzles. I can pick up a set of hardened nozzles of all sizes for less than $10.

Seems really expensive for something that is typically really cheap and simple from other manufacturers.


Thank you very much for the information, I just want to change only the nozzle for the PE-CF15, not the whole hotend. I just want to know which nozzles have no problem with x-y calibration.
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We all actually need a way to change JUST the nozzle, not the entire hotend.


Any hardened MK8 nozzle with a conductive tip (sorry no ruby, obsidian, or diamond tips) nozzle will work.

You can look at the Bondtech CHT Hardened nozzles (on about a month backorder).

I have the non-hardened Bondtech CHT nozzles and they don’t have any issue with the X-Y.


Thank you very much for the information

I keep seeing reports of MK8 nozzles with different diameters messing up with the calibration of the printer.
It would be helpful either to have an option in the firmware to set the nozzle diameter, or at least to know the size that is required.

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Just a thought, as I will be trying this soon - If you change to hardened (or any other) nozzles, you should only need to complete the first two calibrations for bed level height and extruder height. Technically, whatever nozzle you use should still have the hole in the center, so X/Y calibration should remain valid from previous. No need to recalibrate that one, no need to worry about nozzle OD diameter. Make sense?

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that is at least technically correct

I’ll get the printer on Monday, I’ll let you know how it goes.
The thread is made with some tolerance, it is not necessary that the position of the hole will be in the same center as the previous nozzle
Thanks for the help guys.

I replaced the original nozzles with “plated copper” nozzles from Brozzles - no problems. The copper nozzles with nickel coating also hold up very well with CF-containing filaments - but have a much better heat transfer compared to steel nozzles. With steel nozzles (whether hardened or not), the nozzle temperature must be increased by up to 15°C!! Not needed for the plated copper one. The silicon socket fits perfectly despite the larger nozzle geometry

Regarding the calibration - my theory: The diameter and the cone angle are irrelevant - because the center of the nozzle is calculated by touching the square window (multiple contact touches in X/Y)! These measurements are then probably compensated in the program. So a calibration after changing the nozzle is absolutely recommended.
However, a dirty nozzle (plastic debris on the cone) would render this measurement/calibration unusable. On the one hand because of the prevention of measuring current through “isolation” and on the other hand by changing the contour of the cone. So “cleaning” before calibrating is absolutely crucial. I assume that the supplied brush will only succeed to a limited extent. I therefore use a solvent-soaked cloth for cleaning before calibration.


Sehr gut, die düsen habe ich auch hier liegen, dann kann ich auch schon Mal wechseln.
Hatte mich bisher noch nicht getraut…:grimacing:

Very good, I also have the nozzles here, so I can change them now and again. Hadn’t dared me yet…:grimacing:

I was just reading the faq and found this:
“Print heads are sold in pairs with the same nozzle diameter. Can a different diameter nozzle be fitted or can I mix and match print heads?”

“In progress. We need a little bit more time to find a better solution. I will follow up the progress on this and share the latest update later this week.”

Does anybody have more information about this? I’m going to replace one of my nozzles with a hardened 0.6.
I get that having one 0.4 and one 0.6 is bad for copy and mirror mode and the 0.6 might cause some inconvenience with xy calibration and calibration prints. But other than that, there shouldn’t be any problems, right?

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I got some micro swiss nozzle on the J1 for testing. It’s similar to the Creality ones but better quality.

Test is Running. I will Report then


Works good with this Nozzle.

Leveling and all that stuff works

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Ok, very nice. Thanks! Did you do any of the calibration prints? I was thinking the line width is probably around 0.4 on those. Did they look ok?

Yes I do that. Here are the rest of them. Sorry the pats was always in the waste after test it.

Measures of the micro swiss are the same that creality ones

Think it’s ok. But I need better cura settings. I work on it