Guide for change nozzle

Hello there,
Yesterday I received the J1 and I also ordered two 0,8 Bondtech CHT nozzles.
How do I change them? Is there a tutorial? I don’t even know how to swap the HotEnd (because I also bought a a pair, but they’re still on shipping)

Kind regards

Nozzle swaps are handled just like any other printer with a V6 style heater block. Remove the old nozzle, screw in the new nozzle, and then hot tighten.

Hot end swaps are very simple and only require the use of the pink 2mm hex key that is included with your printer. On the left extruder, simply loosen the two silver hex screws closest to the heater block by a couple turns. The entire assembly can then be pulled straight down out of the print head. The right side extruder starts the same, but the silver thumbscrew for adjusting Z offset calibration needs to be rotated several turns to completely release the hotend. Assembly is the reverse.

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Just to understand: I heat up the hot end, hold the heating block with pliers and then loosen the nozzle. So I don’t need to remove the hot end?

No, that is not correct. Removing the nozzle can be done cold. You also don’t want to use pliers as they could easily damage the heater block. You want to use a crescent wrench/adjustable spanner on the heater block. Installing the new nozzle does require heat. With the hotend cold, insert the new nozzle until it is finger tight. Then, heat the hotend to the max temp. Once up to temp, use a wrench to perform the final tightening of the nozzle.

If you are still unsure, just Google “hot tightening nozzle” and you will get hundreds of hits for this process.

Based on your questions, I am getting the impression that this is your first printer. If true, I would highly recommend that you don’t make any changes to your printer right away and run it stock for a while. There are a lot of nuances to 3D printing and much of it can only be learned by doing. Adding hardware changes into the mix will only increase the number of variables you will need to check when things go wrong. And things WILL go wrong.

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Actually it’s my 7th printer. But I’m very careful with new expensive stuff. Because all the other printers I can build up from scratch like my 1st one (MKC 4.1)
But it’s big difference (for me) with a ready build printer.

I have changed the nozzles in the meantime. I’m not warming up to Luban yet because I’ve been working mainly with S3D and OctoPrint. But that doesn’t rule it out.