Can the Brass Noozle (Hot End) be changed?

Is it possible? I am trying but looks I am potentially destroying the hot end assembly…

Answering my own question. Yes you can unscrew to brass nozzle as well as the metal feeder tube. Just need to hold the plastic covered middle part securely (a vise…).

On the v1, it’s suggested that you heat up the nozzle first, then quickly remove the nozzle. Aluminum has a higher coefficient of expansion than brass.

The only time I’ve tried to change a nozzle (cold), I torqued the nozzle off inside the heater block. It’s not hard to drill out, just annoying.

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When you are putting it back together you need to make sure that the aluminium tube with the silicone insert tightens onto the Nozzle to stop any filament leakage. you don’t want it tightened up to the aluminium block. Normal process is tighten the nozzle up to the block then back it of 1/4 of a turn. tighten the aluminium tube all the way down to the nozzle then re-tighten the nozzle. The nozzle should then be tightened hard up against the tube and there should be a very small gap between the nozzle and the block.
On this device you can’t back the nozzle off more than a quarter turn as the proximity sensor only has a 1mm detection range and it needs to detect the bed before the nozzle hits it! If you need to there are are posts on the forum about adjusting the proximity sensor. Make sure you run a calibration after re-fitting.

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