Green Dragon from Thingiverse

My husband requested a “Desk Dragon” for his office, and sent me the link to this one from Thingiverse. It took a few tries to finally get it to work (had to adjust things like object orientation, supports, etc.). I tried slicing it with Simplify3D but couldn’t get decent results; I ended up going back to SnapMaker3D and it worked fine. This version is with the straight “fast” settings. It is printed in five parts: body, left wing, right wing, neck, and head. Only the head needed a raft. Overall wingspan is about 10 inches tip to tip. I plan to print it out in higher resolution (eventually).


Try running Mesh > Separate Connected Surfaces in Simplify3D after adding the model. The model probably has some errors in it that Simplify can’t overcome without this trick.

@welmoed This is so cool!!!

In case specific areas are difficult to print - this design according to the license can be modified at will.
So if you can manage to convert it to an obj you can resculpt parts with Sculptris which is free.

Happy Printing!

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